As you talk to people today, it seems that we all have some common life goals…

  • We want to know that our life has purpose, meaning and true significance.
  • We want to belong to something that is bigger than ourselves.
  • We want to discover and live life at its best.
  • We want to know that we are making a difference in the lives of those around us.

At Church In The Wild we believe that these God-given desires are best realized in the context of meaningful, authentic friendships and we feel that our connect groups are places where you can connect with God and others and discover these things as you walk through life together.

What is a Connect Group

Connect groups are usually between 6-12 people who meet in houses or coffee shops to discuss the Bible and its imact on our daily life.

How can I connect with a group?

You can start by attending our NEXT STEPS class where you will be introduced to the groups and their leaders

What about my children?

Our womens groups meet on week nights and our mens group meet on Saturday morning so that your children can always be with a parent…however if you need a sitter we have a list of sitters we recommend…you can see that list at the NEXT STEPS class.